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Bikeability – National Standards 1,2,3 training for all. The 21st Century Cycle Proficiency.

In level 1 learn to control and master your bike. Liz will teach you basic cycle control skills including starting and pedalling; stopping; manoeuvring; signalling and using the gears on your bike. These activities take place in non traffic environment such as a paved area in a park (tennis court), playground or car park.

Level 2 gives you a real cycling experience so that you are able to deal with traffic on short journeys. Liz can teach you about road positioning, the highway code, and passing side roads so that you are more confident when cycling routes to school, your friends’ house and the shops.

Finally level 3 introduces you to more complex junctions and roundabouts, talking about making decisions on the move.

What could you book?

Book a level 1 style session amongst a few beginner riders and parents, Liz will suggest a suitable area to run the session in the location you all live – adults can learn with their children and continue the skills regularly £40p/h

Book a 1:1 or 2:1 (dependant on age) level 2 based session. Liz can do the routes your children use often and are familiar with (going to the shop, a friends house or to school), discussing the ways to cross junctions and make decisions as they are riding. £25-40 p/h

Bikeability family rides. Have your children recently done their bikeability level 2 or 3? Would it be useful to know what instructions they have been given so that you can support them more effectively on the road? Liz can spend time with the family directing learning and designing methods of riding that suit everyone £25-40 p/h

Play Dates – if it is your turn as parent to host the next play date for your child and their friends what better way to do it than a cycle session. Having fun on their bikes with their friends in safety Liz can conduct a session local to you – obstacle courses, bike limbo and races £25-40 p/h

Birthdays – a cycle party must be one of the best and original birthday ideas! Have fun with Liz as she creates fun and imaginative games that will have all ages and abilities smiling. Obstacle courses, fun games, slalom, bike limbo and many race styles to incorporate in for the birthday boy/girl £40p/h

Adults - haven’t cycled for a while or cycle occasionally but feel you are a hazard? Then spend some time with Liz getting the confidence back and designing a suitable route to work or to pick up the children from school £25-40p/h


Sports Provider looking for a coach?

If you need a coach that is reliable and professional that will portray a positive image of your set-up please do contact Liz for last minute sessions or a series of ad-hoc sessions a client has requested that you cannot currently cater for.

British Cycling Level 2 and National Standards Instructor